Cubase 12 SHUT down my studio

No matter what file i try to open cubase 12 crashes, if i was a buissness i would be contacting a lawyer to sue your company for neglete. Cubase 12 has become the flop of 2022… You guys better fix this or its over for you guys, now i see why new producers stay away from cubase…Nothing but issues… Say goodnight… Time for a new DAW cubase 12 has become trash… I loved cubase but now its about getting the music done…not updates… EMAIL SENT.


If you love Cubase, and one version you installed doesn’t work, you can continue to use the earlier version you own. Or, you can troubleshoot the problem to see about fixing it.

If you would really move to a new sequencer as a result of this, I doubt your love, and I want a divorce.


Lets be clear steve, troubleshoot what you guys created please, you must be from another planet… As am typing am looking to get away from cubase this DAW is Unreliable … But rest assured it will never shut me down again…


Bye bye…

People say this, but what it really means is, “Cubase is unreliable on my computer”
'Cause Cubase seems to be quite reliable here.

Since this has shut down your business, is there a reason you can’t revert to using Cubase 11 until the issue is resolved?

Let’s be clear, Steve doesn’t work for Steinberg. He is a customer who donates his time trying to help other customers. I think what he meant was to troubleshoot the interaction between the software and the environment it is running in (or not in this case).

Well that is a relief. Stay strong…

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To change DAW because of this problem without trying to fix it is lunacy.

Listen i tried every thing C11 is working just fine on my computer… its the DAW… THE END FOR ME…

It’s not the DAW, it’s the DAW in YOUR computer.

Who’s worthless? Every single person in this thread is a customer of Steinberg and not an employee.

So who exactly are you calling WORTHLESS? Your peers who are still willing to help despite you insulting us? Is that who?

Perhaps we’d be more helpful if your Majesty could provide even a brief description of the problem?
But if you prefer to just continue ranting, we may have fewer suggestions.
Your choice.


Yes, we are all just users trying to help each other. I can say, Cubase 12 on my two laptops both work fine. I have an Apple 2019 MacBook Pro i9 with 16G ram (macOS 12.3.1) and now the newer Apple MacBook pro M1 Pro with 16G ram (macOS 10.15.7). I guess what I’m trying to say is we are here to help each other.


Do me a favor please remove my post… I said what i said… I spent 3,000 on a custom computer… Am sure a differant DAW will work much better on my computer…

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Just stop. No, GO!

Don’t be so sure until you try. Good luck with the “record label”!

Ya know how just before you are born they give that little envelope with a bit of secret knowledge just for you. The note in mine said that during the entire course of time, from the big-bang out to infinity the following will occur once and only once.

Now maybe this is that time? But I have my doubts.

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We have all been there. Spent a bunch of money only to find something isn’t working for some unknown reason. I just upgraded my computer but I have to keep my old one until the new one is proven. Same thing with software. I keep the older version I know works on my system. Hope you figure it out.


Hey. Try this… remove all project files from the folder they are in and try to open cubase then. Some of them might be corrupted. It happened to me once. This crashing is classic behavior caused by corrupted files.
If you can’t remove the projects from there it also confirms the hipotesis.

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I am thinking there is not much hope for you. If you quit now, I fear you will be quitting lots of things because life is always going to throw shit your way.
It’s okay to get angry, but it’s not okay to be destructive.
I have been where you’re at. ( lots of us have) I yelled and I cursed. But it didn’t help.
My suggestion is to revert back to Cubase 11 and relax for a while.
Get some work done.
When you’re ready, take another stab at it.
A good trick is have paper & pen ready beside your bed so when you wake up and have possible tests or solutions to try, you can right then down.
Get the help you need when you’re ready to listen.

Good luck.


The more complicated daw’s get the goes wrong in my view.
The more you can play music , the less reliant you are on lots of other things.
I like Cubase because it works well with my midi keyboard and minor edits just needed and turning to wave works well.
Mixing now is going well , and now yet to finish some songs in Ozone 9
If you ever put a ticket in , you never get a reply.
Can someone answer that question?? What is wrong with support when you do need it?
Usually you get told off for putting problems on a forum and it seems to me that Steinberg are using people in the know to keep the buck from passing to support.
Steinberg could do a lot more to keep everyone in the picture with how things are going in a weekly report. We just get silence until an update gets put out.
Customer care is of the utmost of importance.
All the companies that i know in which i had a problem in the past answered within 24 hours of putting a ticket in and are very keen to help. I even had Focusrite answer in a couple of hours and gave them remote control on my computer (special code) and they fixed the problem.
Nobody has said how things are integrating in windows 11 because some of the problems could be in that ballpark.
For me things are slowly coming together, but i cannot fathom out why Cubase 11 is rock solid and not 12.
Since the update the stuck on video has gone which is a good thing but performance metering is strange.
Oh well, I do hope everyone gets sorted. I am still not totally confident with Cubase at the moment as something is is always around the corner waiting to gremlinize your machine :rofl:
I want to get to the point of imaging everything for the just in case scenario’s .
I nearly forgot £90 upgrade and released too soon.


Thank you for being the first person to be honest with the truth about Cubase as a DAW and as a company. Every thing you said is the truth. Most professionals i know have more than one DAW on there computer. So far I started fresh with 12 and it works. Only 11 will open my old files but 12 will not open and crashes on the same files am trying to open. No way i can run a label counting on cubase !!!
Device name SwanJay-Computer
Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.80 GHz
Installed RAM 64.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
OS - Windows 10 Pro
OS drive 2 TB SSD
Music Drive 2 TB SSD
Storage 6 TB HDD
Hardware/ Controls - Maschine 2 , M-Audio KETSTATION 88, Akia MPD218 (3)(Simple)
Audio Interface - UR- RT4
I also have waves diamond, Native instruments komplete 13 ultimate; I tried every thing i can think of to figure this out. Above is the update… When this happened i was working with Captain Epic and Scaler dropped midi on an instrument hit play and down she went crash.

I don’t understand - why don’t you simply go back to using 11 for now and post your crash dumps for people to look at to help solve your problem ?

Can you check that all the VSTs you use in the projects that crash have been correctly scanned by Cubase 12?

Or try what Rod Pretto suggested.

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Hey rich did you read my update ??? And i just heard back from steinberg and just as i thought lots of crashes going on… Tons of bugs in 12…