Cubase 12 SHUT down my studio

It’s been my process for over a decade now that I never open projects from an older version in a new version of a program. This isn’t just Cubase, but all DAW programs. Learned a lot of hard lessons until I adopted that thinking.


I do see why… Thanks for the info…

Did they give you any explanation of what might be going on?

I think what @Swanjay means is that Cubase won’t be the software to shut him down again… another DAW will. And It will, Swanjay. It’s software, dude… programmed by non-perfect people who, I might add, have just recently released a MASSIVE update in light of OUR feedback.

Remember, as brilliant as the team at Steinberg is, there is still a great reliance on us to advise how hard we push Cubase (if at all) before it stops. CBP12 crashed 9 times on me in one session, sometimes even before the hub opened. But hey! Schtuff happens.


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CBP12 crashed 9 times on me in one session

Why? Because (now I know) I opened a CBP11 project in CBP12.

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Its the Prefs that get ported to the new version that does this IMO.

I always start with fresh prefs and trash the old ones

Also, and I know this is not cheap, but, you really need another computer with a fairly good spec that you can load every update on first, then test that for a few weeks. Once your happy with it then you can list those updates and apply them to your main studio computer.

If you rely on your computer for work there is no way you should allow any updates on it, either windows or plugins or drivers or for a DAW, without testing them first. If your on a PC get windows Pro so you can delay windows updates until you think they are ready. I think a lot of ppl remember when windows creator patch came out and messed up a lot of audio PCs, if you have a test rig your insulated from all of that.

Also make a restore point prior to any updates so you can roll back your whole system should anything go wrong.

Unfortunately that is how business and software have to work. You have to be very prudent and test everything first. It’s just the world we live in. There are no companies out there installing the latest updates the day they are released.

I know it’s not always possible but really when C12 comes out is the day you should be going to C11 from C10. Staying a year behind ensures you have the most solid download of that version, it’s not exciting but it is sensible.

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A better computer i just spent 3,000 on this PC… You did not read any of my post seems like you just want to hear your self talk… You are not helpful…

Can you read, man? @RTT1 is suggesting that you need another test rig, not a better production rig! You won’t get any help here if you insult people who are actually giving you useful advice.


I am saying you need another rig for testing purposes. It does not need to be as good but it has to be capable for testing purposes. Then you need the same setup on that.

But in all honestly no one should be using the latest updates in a production system without testing them or having waiting a considerable time. I get your frustration but whenever I put something on my computer I am always thinking “what if it brakes it ?”. What is my fall back position?. Do I have backup plan?

But also an overriding question I ask myself is “do I even care about the enhancements it bring?” Because you know your clients will not care at all.

I updated because I bought an M1 Mac but I also have C11 working on that machine and a windows desktop which has not been updated in anyway with c11 in it. I have a contingency plan in place.

It’s not cheap but it is the best solution if your running a business.

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Some of you are far more patient than I, and you are good folks. This person is struggling with their anger and frustration and equating their feelings with reality. In the current climate lots of people do it - when someone is upset, and someone else says something that doesn’t purely validate the feelings the person expressed, there’s an argument, but the argument is “my feelings are real and you can’t question them” instead of “It’s categorically impossible that I didn’t try everything already”.

And apparently that’s what happened - the guy didn’t “try everything”. As far as his telling it goes, he hadn’t thrown out preferences, and he hadn’t tried importing individual tracks from a C11 project into a base-preferences C12. And he hadn’t reached out to support and heard a clear answer about portability of sessions from 11 to 12 or other issues and established his workaround, before publicly telling them he would sue them if he could and that “new producers” were shying away from it. I’m not sure how anyone could make a global statement like that to begin with.

But nobody tries everything - just everything they know. And nobody knows everything.

I literally came onto the forum today to ask if anyone else had had similar problems - in my system, C12 was working on its own; but then I tried to load a C11 project into C12 and it crashed, and then C11 wouldn’t make any sound - all interface channels are listed as inactive in system setup. My first thought was that preferences had gotten messed up, but before I continued with my troubleshooting I thought I would take the temperature of the room here. And whatever the issue is, I can deal. Even reinstalling C11 isn’t a huge deal if it came to that. None of this is. It will all get worked out.

@Swanjay, nobody says you can’t be frustrated. Nobody says this isn’t happening to you. Everyone here has been where you are. Since this kind of thing can shut your rig down, let me suggest a variation on what @RTT1 suggested: create a new partition on your boot drive, or get another bootable drive, and install Windows 10 on it, and use it to test new software. No new computer - just drive space.; you will have the Work one you work from, that always has to work, and you will have the Test one. You will have an isolated set of preferences and configurations, but the same audio hardware. This might make it easier for you - if there’s an issue, all you have to do is boot to the Work one. Integrating new software is never- never - like throwing a switch. Things will be different. If it’s critical that it works, then don’t mess with the critical stuff. And when it always works on the test one, then install it on the Work one, with a new set of preferences.

And remember that the people at Steinberg are not trying to just throw some junk out the door; having to chase bugs when a product has been released is far more work for them than making new features and so on. But once they put something out, the sheer multitude of different systems guarantees that some of them will have problems. This sounds like it’s not about your system, so that’s good. And you can now start C12, which is good. If the variable of waiting for C12 to crash again is not okay for you (which I can understand - my stuff has to work all the time too), then go back to C11, let your heart rate come down, and check in when the bugs are fixed. That is truly the pro way to do it. There is no feature so amazing that you can’t write music without it, except one: stability.

Good luck, and consider apologizing to the many people who tried to help you in spite of everything. It was not that nobody was listening to you, but the other way around. But nobody would drag you if you admitted it.


I get that sometimes there is an issue with a new version of Cubase. I had a horrendous time with C8. I haven’t had any worrying issues with C12. I started a new project with C12 and things went fine. A month in I started opening old projects with no issues, no crashes and no significant CPU issues. On one project I disabled Control Room which improved an issue with spiking that has not occurred in other projects. Given that most users don’t have issues and don’t visit this forum it seems unreasonable to assume that the fault lies with Steinberg.
There are so many variations in Computers, setups and hardware that understanding how a new version reacts to the same system is fraught with difficulties.
My issues with C8 was caused by a plugin that I had used in many of my projects and I had simply neglected to update it. Now I am not saying that this is an issue, but you have to be open to the possibility that it could be something that has been overlooked. Simply because a previous version worked on your computer you can’t assume the new version will. Like a previous post pointed out that it is always good policy to trash your preferences and rewrite them. Make sure you have the latest graphics driver and the latest versions of your plugins.
It is never pleasant when you have issues and I can perfectly understand being cross, but being cross solves nothing. My advice would be to continue working in C11 as many people have suggested. Spend time creating new projects in 12 and see if there is a pattern of behaviour that might suggest the issue.


One thing to note is that (in my experience on a Mac) if you launch 12, then launch 11, the prefs get corrupted. So you will need to toss them regularly. So make backups of your prefs as set by each version.

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One thing we can infer about this post is that this person’s aggressive attitude won’t help their business. Personally, I could not do business with such a person. I need communication to be pleasant and constructive.

He doesn’t seem to accept criticism or help from anyone. How does he manage to be in business? Attitude, humility, recognition, acceptance, understanding, listening to others… all of this seems to be lacking in this person.

Good luck man with your Label…

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Got it sorted out?

Btw, what video board?

You just wanted to jump in and hear your self talk. Those who judge do not matter and those who matter do not judge. Your opion is not needed here… Rene no one asked you what you think, i sure did not.

Thank you for the tip…

OK Drag you are the only one that responded to my problem with real conviction, every one else was taking shots at me. I can read english and if most of the responces were google translate than it does not matter to me. I am no ones child, there for i do not need to please any one that takes a shot at me… I say learn how to talk to people…

There is another thread on here and some one said that when they updated to 12.0.10 it changed their settings to 32 bit float. They switched it back to 64 bit and it all started working again. Might be worth looking at.

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You need to read or look a little closer before you start throwing rocks at me…