Cubase 12 slate issues

Just installed Cubase 12, which wont start due to error messages relating to slate VMR and something called experience proxy. Should I just revert to 11 to continue using Slate plugins? Presumably there’s some kind of compatibility issue?

There should be no compatibility issues. Please update your Slate plugins and the iLok License Manager which is used by them.

If the problems continue, post your system specifications and a screenshot of that error message.

Thanks for responding.

Yes all is up to date with the plugins and iLok.

Its not the first time I encountered issues with slate plugins. Bring them up to date and if you continue having issues, contact SlateDigital directly.

Thanks. Just got to the bottom of the problem. Slate plug-ins all went into some obscure folder. Cubase would look for them on startup and it caused chaos. Got it sorted out now. Thanks everyone for your advice. :+1::+1::+1: