Cubase 12 slow menu and fader is not responding

I recently switched from fl studio to cubase 12, afer a while when i was used to cubase 12 i started to make bigger projects. The first problem i had was that the menu was reacting very slow right clicks on audio tracks, midi tracks etc. The second problem that appeared was that the volume fader in the inspector is not reacting in the mixconsele the fader does fine.
For the peoject what i’m working in right now the cpu meter is at 10%

In fl studio i made huge projects without any problems
I run on windows 10
Pc specs:
Intel i9 proccesor
Ram 32gb
intel uhd graphics 770 integrated graphics
I swapped the graphic card with an old asus r9280 but the problem stays the same.

For the soundcard i use a uad apollo solo usb

Can anyone help me with this issue?