Cubase 12 - Some content could not be loaded

After upgrading to 12, I can finally now get into it. However if my dongle is not plugged in I get this msg:

Some content could not be loaded: Either licences are missing or have expired
Raw Power
Metronomic Cinema
Groove Agent common content
Granular Symphonies
Granular Guitars
Halion Symphonic Orchestra
Neural Mindset
The Kit

If I plug the dongle in they all load into Cubase 12 without any problems.

I’ve done the maintenance on the elicence manager about 20 times now and I think on one it actually worked.

Anyone know what I need to do to get this to work?
Many thanks


Hi @Banquet - welcome back to the forum!

The switchover of Cubase 12 to Steinberg Licensing is part of a wider transition that will take a 12-18 months for our portfolio of upcoming product releases to also switch across.

This means that older products licenses will remain on the USB eLicenser for the immediate future. We are discussing a range of ideas about how we can “lose the dongle” for the products where there are no updates planned.

Here’s the relevant section from New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

Hi Ben,
Thanks for the reply.

That’s disappointing because I use a laptop and the reason I upgraded was to get rid of the Dongle. I can’t do that now unless I’m willing to lose access to all my Steinberg plugins. This is not the first time I’ve lost access to Steinberg plugins due to lack of support.

Of all the plugins I have, it’s. always Steinberg’s that stop working, lag/freeze, have support stopped, etc. I won’t be buying any more!

Not your fault, Ben, and I appreciate you getting back to me on such a busy forums.


Get same pb with " groove agent" expensions for exemple :frowning:

I’m very impressed with Cubase 12 so far, going dongle-less is great. Not being able to use recently purchased Electric Bass and TGuitar without the dongle is very frustrating though. Especially so on my M1 Macbook where so many third part VST’s won’t run natively.

An impressive update though, congratulations to the team.

We understand your pain here and will be looking for every opportunity to make your life dongle-free for Steinberg products.


Thanks Ben, I’d happily buy more Steinberg instruments if this could be sorted :slight_smile:

So it will take 12-18 months to move the current Instruments to new licensing system,
Just WOW.


That’s not what I said. It will take 12-18 months for our portfolio of upcoming product releases to also switch across.

There may be things we can to in the meantime to enable users of older products to lose the dongle. Again, I’d ask for your patience and support as it’s a complex transition.


Ill wait on your portfolio to come to fruition then

Just to be completely clear, not all of our back-catalogue products will make the transition across to our new licensing system.

Of course, we will focus on the instruments and content that are most commonly used in Cubase to allow users of Cubase 12 and beyond to ditch the dongle as soon as they can.

I figured that with the sudden dropping of certain VST Instruments.

Just a question to verify…
when I’ll buy dorico4, halion symphonic orchestra will work without dongle, but with cubase12 it won’t, right?

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