Cubase 12. Some items not recognised due to licencing

Hi Everybody

I have upgraded from Cubase pro 11 to 12 pro. All went okay.

However I have 6 items that are not recognised in version 12 pro.

  1. Groove agent common content
    2.Lo fi piano
  2. Halion Symphonic orchestra
  3. Raw power
  4. The Kit
  5. Olympus Elements
    I have tried updating licenser and my dongle in or out and it makes no difference. (I thought you would not need a dongle with 12?)
    Any help gratefully received. Orchestra and Olympus I use a lot.
    Thanks in advance

Windows 11
64 bit

You still need the the USB elicenser for those.

Thanks for replying Steve.
It did work with the licence dongle until it updated the licence on a maintenance update.
Surely that defeats the object of being dongle free though !

Please read the licensing faq, or one of the many topics discussing it here.

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