Cubase 12 some projects are fail to load HELP

Hi, I have CUBASE 12. I’ve been using it for two days now. I upgraded from Cubase 11 due to problems with the ELICENCER… Since I upgraded, most projects open without a problem. Some of the projects fail to load, the software takes a long time to load and finally the above error appears. im adding the error, and the dmp file also to here.

Can anyone give me a solution? I would be very happy
Cubase 64bit 2024.6.13 (944.8 ק״ב)

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The crash is still in the eLicenser.

What kind of issues do you have with the eLCC, please? Do you have the latest update installed?

Btw, if you activated your Cubase 12 license recently, you get Cubase 13 for free thanks to the Steinberg’s Grace Period.