Cubase 12 sometimes freezes after loading CPR - Crash Dump attached

Cubase 12.0.40 sometimes freezes after I load one of my projects. It’s not consistently reproducible - when it happens, I just use Task Manager to kill the Cubase process, then sign out of Windows, sign back in, restart Cubase, and then the project will load fine.

When the freeze happens, Cubase will load the project just fine, and as soon as it’s done loading, it stops responding altogether to the keyboard, mouse and my CC121 controller. I can’t close the Cubase window either, I need to do a process kill with Task Manager.

Also, this only happens (so far) with one particular project, Cubase runs just fine with other projects.

I found a crash dump today that I’m hoping will help shed light on this, it’s attached.
Cubase 64bit 2022.10.20 (1.5 MB)