Cubase 12 start up and crash problems

I have upgraded from cub 11 to cub 12 ver 12.0.52 build 393 on windows 10, every time i start cub 12 it hangs on initialising vst control room i then use task manager to close it and restart cub 12, this time it starts up but all the media loops and samples are missing except EDM!, then some 5 minutes later cubase hangs again but this time task manager will not shut down cubase saying “operation could not be completed”, so i have to shut the pc down and start again. if i go through this a few times cubase eventually starts and seems to run ok. In all these cases i check C:\Users\dave\AppData\Local\CrashDumps for crash dump files but there are none created(am i looking in the right place?) Cub 11 worked fine and i have made no changes to my setup other than going to cub 12, could someone help with a possible cause/solution? thanks

Cubase crash logs are in …/Documents/Steinberg

I had something similar with Cubase 12 Pro (almost) always freezing on startup. C11 Pro was working without problems.

I found my problem by checking the Windows Logs. Especially the Windows > System log. There was an error (ID: 10016) which is said to affect quite some Win10 computers. Something about Distributed Com not being accessible. I had to scroll down quite a bit in the log, before even where the Cubase crash was happening. Once I fixed that problem, my Cubase 12 finally started working correctly.

I don’t know if you’ll find the exact same problem there. But it is good practice to go through the Windows Logs to see if there are problems with your Windows. If you find errors in there, google can help you troubleshoot the errors. And you can of course discuss them here also.

You could try using the steinberg download manager to reinstall everything which will make sure everything is in the right place & then run the elicenser maintenance

Unfortunately this is not correct info. Maybe the OP will reply with crash logs or other troubleshooting info. That might shed some light on the issue, whatever its cause might be.

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thanks for the suggestions, i did reinstall from scratch which didn’t help. Now i have found the correct place to look for crash files i see a lot of them are 0kb and so i have uploaded the latest one which actually has a size to it, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
Cubase 64bit 2022.12.30 (807.8 KB)

That crash was in the JX-3P VST3 plugin.

Please note that reinstalling almost never fixes anything, and is usually pointless. Forum members should not recommend this.

Thanks for the reply and the help, its running better now i have removed that vst. Its a pity there is not some reliable way for cubase users to analise the crash dumps to find the likely problem, it would help the cubase users and all the people who help support this forum.

But there is, and many people use it. Do an internet search for WinDbg

Thanks for the info about WinDbg. I have noticed that some of the cubase crash dump files are zero kb and the WinDbg will not open them, anyone know why they would be zero kb?