Cubase 12 starting crash

Hi i’m new here and im so sorry for my englsih cause i’m french.
MacBook Pro 2015/big sure
Update Cubase 9,5 to 12
Update elicenser and all etc…
Cubase it’s crashing from the start( Helion)
Problem , i remove it and all the vst and vst3 in the folder to make it sure this is not the problem, same thing again after reinstall & uninstall all for the 4th Time.
I dont know to do at this moment.


Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

As you have upgraded Cubase from 9.5 to 12, have you kept the former, with the e-Licencer connected ? I know that C12 is no longer supposed to use the dongle, but maybe it’s not the case for Halion Sonic SE and others bundled plug-ins/contents : I have never tested that, as I still use from time to time previous Cubase versions, so I keep the e-Licencer dongle always connected to avoid any problem.

Beside this, I would try to start Cubase in safe mode (“Mode sans échec”), using the Deactivate program preferences and see how things go from here. If nothing works, try to reinstall HSSE, relevent installer being available here :

try to start safe mode a lot :frowning:
And yes the elicenser was always Connect
The elicenser run great and the maintenance
Was done , now i’m trying to formating
And starting from everything new , that’s my
Third day troubleshooting that :man_facepalming:t3:

Hi I use a PC, and I get crashes with Cubase 12.0.52, from time to time, sometimes it’s caused by plugins, sometimes it’s how the C++ code is written, sometimes it’s the drivers. who knows…
I whish they can implement better exception handling. But they are also dealing with 3rd party plugins. and there plugins and audio engine run in same process. so if the plugin crash so does Cubase.

had a crash yesterday.
Cubase 64bit 2023.3.4 (1.6 MB)

as you can see… Perhaps the next version will have some exception handling built-in it.
If that is even possible… don’t know what ASIO API is like, and how and what Vsti/Vst can even recover from?.. but since they are both steinberg APIs/Standards, I would think in 2023 thing would be a little more mature, and stable. I don’t remember having this many crashes from any other version.

Thank god after the complète format of my macbook and 2 hour of reinstalling all my stuff
It’s running good , à complète wasting Time…

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I am glad you are able to get going again.

Salut ca va ?
Je suis en France , j’ai Cubase 8.5 j’essaye de faire la mise à jour .
quand je lance cubase 12 , j’ai le même soucis que toi, possible de m’aider ?