Cubase 12 starting problem

Hello Forum,
I recently upgraded from 11 to 12. I am running on WIndows 10 64Bit. When I start my computer and want to open Cubase 12, I cant open a project. I have to shut down Cubase using the Task Manager and then restart the computer. When I start Cubase again now its working. Does anybody has an idea what the problem could be?


Make sure you have the latest 12.0.30 update instep installed, please.

I understand it so, you have a freeze when opening a project, right? Use Microsoft ProcDump to generate a DMP file. Then share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

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Hello Martin, thanks for the prompt answer. Yes its freezing when opening a project.
Stupid question; Where do I find the 12.0.30 update? I think it is not available in the Steinberg download manager, right?


You can find it in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Hello, i have the same problem. It´s even worse. After shutting down with the Task Manager, Cubase only works when I disable the program configurations (Programmeinstellungen) at the second start.
Then restarting again (automatically with the program configurations).
I´m with the 12.050 update.
(it seems to be a license issue, it hangs up while searching for the license)

Please make sure that the latest version of the Steinberg Activation Manager (currently 1.4.11) is installed. It should be automatically installed when you run the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If Cubase hangs during the license check, try using the Task Manager to kill the Steinberg License Engine process.

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I am also having this problem in 12.0.70