Cubase 12 startup error - due to previous prefs?

I have this message popping up every time I start Cubase 12 (PC, Win10 latest updates from everything):

The application was terminated with an error while executing the following file:


When I close Cubase 12 there is no error message whatsoever, so I have no idea what’s wrong.
When I started Cubase 12 for the first time, it started to import settings from previous versions, maybe there is an issue with that? I really don’t wanna go through setting all my preferences again, if possible.

I have uninstalled C12 and reinstalled, cleared Cubase 12 profile in My Documents, and in the AppData folder. Does anybody else have the same issue? I don’t know how to analyse the dump file, I have installed WinDbg preview on Windows.

Any help is appreciated, thanks


Could you please share the mentioned dmp file?

I have the same issue sometimes and don’t know what is this “Freeze” message error…


On the screenshot, I can see …freezedump.dmp file. That’s the freeze file.

Here’s one of the freezedump files

Cubase 64bit 2022.3.28 (525.2 KB)

Yes but what mean “Freeze” in this message (I don’t use track freeze function in my project) & my Cubase never “freeze” (windows freeze)… so I don’t understand what is it… sorry…

the funny thing is I didn’t use ‘Freeze’ either


Do you use network drives which are not available while starting up by any chnace?

No network drive but network audio (VEP)


Sorry, your case is probably different. I haven’t seen yours *.dmp file, which might be different (even though from the user point of view, it looks the same). VEPro doesn’t go the direction I was asking for. Thank you.

I’ve been getting the same freezedump.dmp message for the past 10 days when I start Cubase 12

I don’t have these problems anymore and I have no idea what fixed it. Maybe the maintenance update, not sure.

I upgraded from 8.5 Pro to 12 Pro earlier this week and I get this error message about 50% of the time I start Cubase. Should I simply disregard it or is this something I need to address? It’s a bit annoying, but everything seems to be working fine so far once I’m in Cubase.


I believe you get a DMP file(s). Share it/them please so we can find out where does the crash during Cubase quit happens.

Sure thing. But seems a bit complicated to open them? I’ll look into it…