Cubase 12 / Steinberg Activation Manager / Limit Reached

Hello everyone,

My name is Lucas Souza, i’m Brazilian and I’m facing a really weird situation with Cubase 12

I have installed Cubase 12 on TWO computers recently and it was working fine until last night. Basically Cubase shout down and when i try to open it again it’s showing the message “Limit Reached” and it’s saying that I’ve registered in 3 different computers

The real problem is that Cubase is not working even on the 2 computers that I’ve registered and i really have no idea what do the next because it’s not showing me the option to deactivate at least one license anywhere. It’s like a have registered the licenses in 3 different computers in someone else’s computers.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Mr. Souza,

Please create a support ticket and contact us regarding this issue so that we can assist you further.

Best regards,

Cengiz Ege Sanin
Steinberg Support

Dear Cengizsanin,

I’ve tried to create a ticket, but it doesn’t seems to have this option for Brazilian besides reaching through phone a store called “Yamaha do Brasil” which unfortunately didn’t work for me.

Could you please explain to me how can i open a ticket properly?

The user has been contacted regarding the issue.