Cubase 12 stops recording faders on Artist Mix after 20 sec

Back again with all the old bugs :wink: Why does Cubase 12 stop recording my fader movements after aprox. 20 sec?
It happens all the time. What can I do?
C12 te latest update: 12.0.70 running Rosetta on a Mac Studio . Eucon ver. 2022.12.0.81/

Any help much appreciated!


Does it happen at all faders? Does it happen at all track types?

Does the Write mode switch off on the given track? Or is it on but it doesn’t receive any data?

Are you sure the hardware is not broken?


To be fair it happens some times! But in my current session it happens 5 out of 10 times.
The hardware is fairly new. The write mode doesn’t switch off, but the recording stops. I only use the controller on audio and instruments, and I don’t know if the problem is present on any other tracks.
Thanks for your interest.


Does it happen at any fader or only one specific fader?

To be honest, I have never seen something like this here on the forum. It doesn’t look like generic Cubase issue to me. Sorry.

Sorry for the late answer. Just returned to my studio and I’ll be back with answers!

Sounds like it could be a network problem maybe?

Now there is this bug again, it has been there for years, I think.

I have selected a track to write some automation, just volume nothing fancy! On my Artist Mix the correct channel is selected - Grand Piano from VSL. I press play and the moment I touch the fader it jumps 2 tracks down to another track and begins to write the automation there!

It happens 2 or 5 times and then if I start Screenflow to create a video for You (!) it suddenly works!

Ok, to me you’re describing a different problem now. I’ve seen this.

I don’t have a solution that’s 100% because I can’t recall exactly what I’ve done when this happens (Nuendo), but I think all I do is save-as, quit, reboot, open that latest project and it’s fine. (might even be fine without the reboot, just save/quit/reopen)

I’ve seen this both with the Artist and s1, and I think also with an old Faderport at one time.

I suppose you could also try to restart Eucon applications.

Yes it’s another bug. But nevertheless very annoying because it breaks continuity.
I wish that Steinberg would solve some of these very old bugs/problems!!