Cubase 12 strange behaviour with midi controller FVDE


Moved over to Macbook Air M1. On my Windows PC everything works fine, but this behavior is strange and I can’t figure out what it is.

CC1, CC11 CC07 all fine with All Midi Inputs, but CC21 (in this case) only works when I switch the midi input to FVDE in Cubase. It somehow moves the variations controller. In quick controls it moves an ‘unassigned cc’. Even though I have assigned a controller to it. The fader itself is not broken, everything is fine on windows.

Midi Monitor shows no cc21 data coming in when on All Midi Inputs, but it does come in when I switch to FVDE. However, CC1, CC11 and CC07 are all fine.

Studio Setup → In all midi inputs is checked.

Any ideas?

Tried resetting FVDE a few times, different MIDI cables, usb only etc.


What are the MIDI Inputs of the MIDI Remote, Mackie Control, Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls, please?


Thanks! I checked and unchecked some the connections and what turned out to be the solution was to not connect the track QC, since on of them is set to CC21 and so it was confused.