Cubase 12 suddenly not able to activate (was activated) now 3 systems use it and i can not work!)

Cubase 12 suddenly said there are not licenses avaiable. all 3 are in use. I can not work and my project schedule is ruined! What to do?! i want to clean the freaking computers activated?! why can’t we do this ourselves? I need that registry cleaned right away! Matter of life and death.

You have to run the Steinberg Activation Manager on the computers that have Cubase activated on them, but aren’t currently in use, and deactivate your licenses.

Please contact Steinberg Support as soon as possible if this is a case of “ghost” activations (e.g. you only use Cubase on 1-2 computers, but somehow more activations are used up, possibly due to a major system change).

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I did add a SSD drive as i needed t he software on that from Native Instruments to add some violins on my song to finalize it and release it t his weekend. But I realized support is not working on friday. So i am F*d for the entire weekend and my release schedule is ruined.

Not possible to do that. on all it tells the same thing. limit reached.

I am about to install the Cubase pro 12 (30 day trial just so that i can reach my deadline).

I was going to suggest that. That should work.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. In the future, I assume that there will be a better way to allow users to get back up and running when issues like this happen. The system is still relatively new.

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I am glad for your replies. However i come across a problem. i do not see any redeem code or whatsoever to make cubase pro 12 because a trial.

(download access code or something to activate it as a trial).

I believe that a trial license is automatically added to your account when you click “Try Cubase Pro 12” here:

Please check if the license shows up in the Steinberg Activation Manager, or your MySteinberg account:

If none of this works: If you upgraded from Cubase 11 or earlier, you should still be able to use Cubase 11 to finish your project by connecting the dongle to your computer.

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Can you temporarily remove the new ssd and try to deactivate that computer?

Not sure if that would work though.

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Yes thanks. i have managed to get the trial to work. I had to login first and activate. I am so happy! no time to waste now. Thanks again for the help.

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I tried that as well. But it didn’t help. Starting the 30 day trial is the solution for my deadline. Monday i will contact support to clear the registration list so that i can activate the bought version again.

Thanks for helping. Much appreciated.

I am experiencing exactly the same problem. I went on a trip, and installed Cubase (license 2) on my macbook pro. When I got back to my main machine, it says there is no license activated!!! WTF. Major downfall. How do I solve this? My main PC was activated and running when I went for holiday. Now it says no activation, and it says all activations have been used. Going to contact support…