Cubase 12 support for high-core-count CPUs

From the Cubase 12 release notes:
“The audio engine now supports high-core-count CPUs (AMD Threadripper with up to 128 logical cores).”

What does this mean? Did it not support processing on more than one core previously?

Does this change how processing is handled on a given track from previous versions?
For example, Cubase 12 can now spread the processing on a given track to more than one core where previous Cubase versions could not?

I think before Cubase was multi thread aware but didn’t take into account anything over 14 core/28 thread IIRC.

I’ve had no issues with Cubase 11 and my 5950 16/32 cpu.

You’ll find you get ASIO overload well before you can max out your threads.

I see, so the “high-core-count CPU” refers to now being able to account for over 14 cores.

So I guess this part of the update won’t change anything on my 3900x, which has 12 cores.

It’s been fine on Cubase 11 for me except when I use Acustica plugins. I was hoping this processing update might improve how it handles these CPU intensive VST’s and make it more like how Reaper handles them.