Cubase 12 sync versus Ableton sync

When I sync my roland TR 09, 08 to cubase it is not in sync but when I sync it with Ableton 11 it’s perfectly in sync (I did not change any settings in both daws). Could somebody explain me why this is and how to improve sync in cubase.




How do you sync it, please?

With midi clock, I checked the TR 09 usb driver. So I did not do any aditional settings, however I tried but I did not notice any differences.

I did the same in Ableton just sync with the TR 09 usb driver

What happens with Cubase? Is the TR09 off by a fixed amount? Is the timing wobbly? Too early, too late?

The sync is steady but the TR 09 is running a bit late so the beats are out of sync