Cubase 12 thinks M-Audio Pro Oxygen 61 USB keyboard is a QUERTY Keyboard


This is not a problem on Cubase 11 Pro. Every single time I press a piano key the mixing console comes up in the DAW or another example is when I press a key it changes locators on the DAW or basically does something else. Essentially it is literally acting like an actual keyboard.
I am at a complete loss here on this and have spent 4 hours already trying to get it to work.


That kind of thing can occur, if the device is defined as a Midi Controller in Cubase, often as a Mackie Control in Studio > Studio Setup

p.s. This could also happen in Cubase 11 and before.

I am really at a loss here. Is there going to be support for M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 USB Midi controller in the future?

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I would go and get this tool. Install it, and see what is really happening.

Unplug all MIDI devices except for the one. See what ports are available in MIDIOX, if there are more than expected, you may have found your problem. If not, then try the one port out in MIDIOX.