Cubase 12 to Cubase 11 project

Apart from exporting stems and creating a MIDI file, is there another way to migrate a Cubase 12 project into a Cubase 11 system?
(My friend hasn’t updated from 11 yet.)

Cheers for any replies!

Cubase projects are forwards compatible. Versions several years old can open Cubase 12 projects, to an extent.

Of course, none of the new bundled Effects plug-ins will be available (in this case, FX Modulator and Raiser). There may be also differences in the VariAudio and Time Stretching/AudioWarp algorithms. You can improve project compatibility by bouncing Audio Events that use these features.

Cubase 12 also supports nearly sample accurate Volume automation. The timing of such automation events may be a little off if the project is opened with a previous version.

That’s brilliant. Thanks a load as usual Romantique-tp

Err by the way I’ve been trying to convert a stereo track that I recorded (bass guitar,) into a mono. It’s just coming out of one side at the moment.
I’ve been at it for 2 hours! Surely there’s a simple way!?

One quick way is to move your Audio Events to a Mono Track:

Then optionally, you can perform a “Dry” Render in Place to convert your Audio Events into proper Mono files. By using the “Dry” setting, all Insert Effects and other Channel Settings are transferred to the new rendered track.

The “proper” way is a little more involved. Shift + Right Click the Events that you wish to convert, select Find Selected in Pool, then Right Click the Pool and select Convert Files. Use these settings:

This will replace the base audio files with a Mono version, without rendering your edits (Time stretching, Volume fades…) into the file.

Thank you. I’ll try to do this.


To expand on this a bit. While the C12 features aren’t available when using C11 to work on a Project, they still remain in the Project. If you take a C12 Project that for example uses Raiser on a Track & open it in C11 you won’t have Raiser available. But if you save it using C11, when you open it again in C12 Raiser will still be on the Track.

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Thank you! I’ll bear all of that in mind when I’m exporting the stems and the track.