Cubase 12 Transport wait for MIDI note

I believe this question has been asked in other ways, but I just want to ask it again as it is so important.

Is there a way to have the transport start playing in Cubase 12 Pro (Win11) when I play a note on my keyboard? I would prefer to set the Transport play from a specific single note but I would also at times like it to start on any note.

I have this same question for Groove Agent 5 stand alone (or even loading from in Cubase). Is this a posibility for Groove Agent?

This feature is common on all keyboard workstations and with todays technology you would think the computer would have the same power and allow the ability to perform with a PC and MIDI keyboard.

Surely with all the detail and complexity that Cubase encompasses, this could be a setting somewhere? If not, I would like to request this feature as I have found the same question posted in different ways.

Thank you


Add Generic Remote Device in the Studio > Studio Setup. Setup the MIDI Input Port. Then in the upper sheet set your MIDI Note (or use the Learn feature). In the bottom part, select Transport > Start/Stop. Then you can use this dedicated key to start/stop the playback.

Ok, I have been able to setup Midi Remote and able to start the transport with a foot switch (sustain pedal).

The issue I now have is that there is some latency for the transport to start. This makes it difficult to punch in on beat when I want to start playing live and using Cubase as an accompaniment. I further noticed there is even latency involved when starting my transport with the space bar on my PC keyboard. Again, I’m not able to punch in on time. If I want to play along with a sequence, I have to press my transport start slightly ahead of me playing.

By the way, I don’t have any latency issue playing VST instruments live. I keep my buffers very low.

Can anyone explain why I have latency when starting my transport?