Cubase 12 trashed my controllers and midi keyboards

I just upgraded to Cubase 12 from 11 and now my X-Touch and Icon Pro G2 are acting all weird and are unusable. I had them connected via Mackie Control in v11 and they worked great.

Also I can’t record from my midi keyboards anymore, I can see the midi being sent to Cubase but it’s not getting to the instrument.

All works great in Studio One v5.3 but but not so in Cubase 12. I am relatively new to Cubase and have been just finding my way but whatever changed in v12 has thrown me right off course.

Why don’t my midi keyboards work anymore and how can I use The X=Touch and Icon Pro G2?


Double-check Studio > Studio Setup. Is there Mackie Control in the list? Which MIDI Input is set here?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the assist I am really struggling in getting started with Cubase 12.

I had 2 Mackie Control in the list, one each for the X-Touch and the Icon Procon G2 Controllers.
I also have my Komplete Kontrol A/M Series M32 Keyboard Keyboard in the list of devices.

I have now managed to get the X-touch working by deleting the Procon G2. I was using the Procon G2 for my extension banks but they don’t seem to work too well together. Am I restricted to using only one Mackie Control? At least the X-Touch seems to be working now.

Although the KK M32 keyboard is listed in devices I can’t get it to work with Halion, Kontact or other VST3’s. I must be missing something simple here, it is listed in the midi ports section and all the checkboxes are checked but still no input.

Appreciate some assistance.

Oh boy, I am truly a dumbass, unlike other daws didn’t realise “record” had to be enabled on mid track to use the midi keyboard duh!

Everything now working except for my 2nd Mackie Controller but I can live with that.

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