Cubase 12 trial works perfect

Just want to say, after i have been trying out
Cubase 12 trial (windows 10) for a week, every thing just work perfect, no crash, no bad latency, no errors, etc……
the installation and activation was easy.

Its runs much better than my cubase 8 element

Offcurse i composing music, trying out my plugins, the test music i made, was’nt really that good, but was for testing, no need to make big project.

Now i can say with confidence, that i dare to buy / upgrade cubase element 12, or artist 12, without any worries.
And if for some reason prefar To use cubase element / artist 10/11 , once i have upgraded to the version 12 of either element or artist, i can allso do that. (Offcourse , you can only use element, if you have element license!).

The only thing that the cubase 12 coudnt find, was my superior drummer etc, but i just copied all my vst plugins dll to the C:/programsfiles/ steinberg/ vstplugins,
Cubase 12 now finds all my plugins in this folder.
I allso have a problem with superior drummer 3, when dragging midi grove to cubase, superior drummer complains with write permission, but this has nothing to do with cubase, its windows 10 causing this problems.

here’s my pc spec:

Windows 10 home , 64 bit.
Intel core i7 11700K , 3.6ghz, 8 core.
Coolermaster cpu cooler
Asus motherboard
32gb ddr4 ram, cant remember ram speed.
Geforce rtx 3060 12gb ram.
Samsung evo 1tb ssd
Samsung evo 512gb ssd
Solid state logic SSL2 plus usb audio interface,
Stable like hell, fantastic drivers, good latency.

Asioguard has been set to normal, and
SSL2 plus buffer has been set to 256.