Cubase 12 Update Already?

Just updated to Cubase v 12-0-0-205 but am now getting a prompt warning on my auto Mac Updater program that there’s already a minor update of 12-0-0-12118.
However download assistant doesn’t seem to supply this update?
Has anyone else seen this or can throw any light as to whether there is an update?


Probably not for Cubase


MacUpdater has never steered me wrong yet regards updates as it tracks vendors software versions actually out there and installed and its definitely reporting as Cubase 12 different version number. Its reported all past Steinberg updates correctly.

In a few cases Ive noticed the vendors update it reports doesn’t appear on the vendors websites for download but for each of these I have emailed vendors and they have confirmed the update exists.

There’s also a possibility that this ‘in the wild’ detection is a cracked version which I see has popped up in a conversation in one of the web based Cubase Forums. The update version number does look odd with 5 digits at the end.

MacUpdater is a good utility program for reporting and reminding about all updates and helps me keep all my Music software up to date. Be interesting to see where this leads.


Chased this down, looked like the reported “in the wild” version 12-0-0-12118 were in fact beta versions so pre date launch Version 12-0-0-205. Just the version numbering system confusing the update reporting.


I don’t see any update anywhere. Where are you guys finding the 205 update? Is this for Windows only?

V12-0-0-205 is the Cubase 12 upgrade from Cubase 11.
There are no other updates yet. The version macUpdater identified appears to be an earlier test beta version before C12 was launched.