Cubase 12 Update and Groove Agent 5 license

Steinberg has not yet released the ability to migrate licences to Steinberg Licensing without a paid update. They have said that licence migration for WaveLab 11 should be available in the next few weeks.

When are we going to have that opportunity, to transfer the GA5 to Steinberg Licensing?

We are truly waiting,


As per the latest version release notes (5.1.10), Groove Agent 5 supports Steinberg Licensing.

I think this link should probably be updated to add Groove Agent 5 to the list:

Does it mean we can migrate it from soft/USB e-licensor to Activation Manager? If yes, how?

It hasn’t been added to the list because Groove Agent 5 licences are not being issued on Steinberg Licensing yet, even for new purchasers.

Not possible yet.

It looks as if the first round of licence migrations to Steinberg Activation Manager - existing WaveLab 11 licences - is about to start. It is no surprise that Steinberg are starting with WaveLab, as that doesn’t have the extra complexity of addon pack licences.

Once Steinberg has had some time to see how the WaveLab migration goes and make any necessary changes to the process, I would expect them to start Groove Agent 5 licence migrations.

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Oh okay. Good points. I assumed that since Groove Agent 5 is updated to support the new licensing system it should be ready for the migration, but what you said makes sense. I was not sure how the new activation works since I don’t have any product that uses the new Steinberg Licensing. Thanks for the reply. Looks like it will take a few months then until GA5 (and others of course) gets migrated.

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I hope it will be quicker than that.

The WaveLab 11 licence migration has gone live this morning - you can see how it works in Greg Ondo’s YouTube video explaining the process. Though he doesn’t say so explicitly, the eLicenser step is mandatory when updating or migrating an eLicenser licence to Steinberg Licensing. You do not get a perpetual validity Steinberg Licensing licence until the system knows you have marked your eLicenser licence as non-upgradeable.

Unfortunately, my migration will not work. I was entitled to buy an educational version of WaveLab 10 Pro and did so. I subsequently paid to update to WaveLab 11 Pro. A paid version update removes the educational restriction. Steinberg issued me a WaveLab 11.1 Pro Educational voucher, so I have had to open a support case.

Clearly, there is a bug in Steinberg’s voucher system - it needs to recognise that version updated educational licences have become unrestricted retail licences. This is the sort of issue that will be shaken out by the WaveLab migration process.

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I’m having the same issue with GA 5. I can even see it on my eLicenser. I have new song releases scheduled and have GA tracks that won’t play at all. I’ve lost enough studio progress to pay for GA 5 times. I think we should be compensated if not only reimbursed for the money we spent on GA 5. I just chatted with an agent and he said June 27th is the update we need. That was after an hour of chat that he heard that.

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Just encountered the same issue after updating to Cubase 12.030. I noticed that neither GA 5 nor GA 5 SE was available anymore. When I dragged GA (that was shown in media/vst instruments) on a track, it was GA 4. And when I’ve opened previous songs, which were using Groove Agent SE I received the error messsage, that something called Groove Agent SE was not found.

Then I’ve started Cubase 11 and saw that GA 5 was available just normally there. I also could load and play old songs, which were using the SE version.

My solution to get everything working as expected again:
First I downloaded GA 5.1.10 (just the application file, not the content) via Steinberg’s download assistant and installed it. Started Cubase et voila, dropped GA on a track and this time it was GA 5. However, still not able to load old songs, because Groove Agent SE was not found. Reopened the download assistant and downloaded/installed GA 5 SE. During the installation process it tells you that Groove Agent 5 will be updated, but no worries, it does not tamper with the full version (at least that is what I noticed).
Now Groove Agent 5 and it SE companion are both available in Cubase 12.030

Thank you for the detailed information, David.

Good to know about the process in advance. Sorry to hear about your voucher issue, but glad it was fixed promptly.

I agree. Such issues should get fixed hopefully in the next few weeks and then future migrations should be hassle-free.

hi just tried to run 5.1 but there isnt a voucher to upgrade from 5 … in fact GA doesnt show up in my products ?

Groove Agent licensing is still on eLicenser. The Groove Agent 5.1 release supports Steinberg Licensing, but Steinberg has yet to switch Groove Agent to Steinberg Licensing.

well the release note with the update says its dongle free ?

I can run it with the dongle in

The release note says “supports Steinberg Licensing”, which is true. All that means at the moment, however, is that Groove Agent 5.1.10 (and any subsequent 5.x versions) are ready for Steinberg to migrate licences to Steinberg Licensing. They are yet to announce their plans for this migration.

it does nt mean when it says ? fair enough

The Migration Voucher is now live on my account and the migration process went smoothly :smile:

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That is good news. I won’t be able to migrate, as my licence is for Absolute. I expect I will have to wait until Absolute 6 releases, likely as part of the HALion 7 release.

I hope that migration of paid add-on kits starts soon - I have quite a few add-on kits which would work with Groove Agent 5 SE under Steinberg Licensing.

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And what about the kits and loops still on the USB e-licenser ???
I was expecting the voucher would have allowed migrating everything related to GA5 ?

good question … seems i need the dongle to access the expansions i bought :frowning:

The content still needs the USB right?

If the licenses for your Groove Agent 5 expansions are stored in an USB-eLicenser dongle, the dongle is currently still required.

If the expansion licenses are stored in a Soft-eLicenser, and you have migrated your Groove Agent 5 license to Steinberg Licensing (managed by the Steinberg Activation Assistant), you no longer need the dongle.