Cubase 12 Update from 8.5

I bought Cubase Pro 8 a while ago and I noticed it is legible for a free update to current version… When I then recently downloaded the Cubase 12 Trial, it’s not allowing me to activate the trial… I also have been trying to get a contact email for Cubase so I can try get this sorted.

How did you determine it’s eligibility?

Hi Steve it says here on the box. I would have screenshotted it but I’m not sure how to upload the picture. “Free Update to current version”.


When did you activate your Cubase Pro 8 for the first time, please?

We bought the software in 2016 so it was around that time…

Well, obviously that offer from 10 years ago has expired. Hope springs eternal though!

You already took advantage of the offer in 2016.

but I never got to update? I see now I’m supposed to pay 99 Euros for the update… Is this the only option around this.


If you don’t want to buy the update, you can install your Cubase 8.5.

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You say you bought 8, correct? When you activated 8 you got a free update to 8.5, correct? If that was the most recent version at the time you activated, you used your “free update”.

That sounds like a completely unrelated problem.

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Thanks guys… I’ll save up for the update. Thanks for your quick responses.