Cubase 12 updates in the Future?

Just a simple question.
Now that cubase 13 has been released, does this completely stop the development and bug fixes of 12 in the future?
Based on what I’ve seen, 13 is unfortunately a disappointment for me. It would be better suited as a 12.5 version.


However, I would pay for a 12.5 update with a 12 look including some of the existing features updated…
Expression Maps,
Midi insert Vst wrapper,
Mixer channel arrangment/order
Midi 2.0 Vst communication
And a stable recording environment.
etc etc,

I don’t think that’s how updates work.

In an old thread, long time before cubase 13 was annonced, someone said that they are working on the next version and the future maintenance update gonna be on the next version. I don’t know if it’s still the idea know, but I remember some users were disappointed because they wanted C12 fixed and not pay for a new version (It was a thread about a problem with C12)

Thanks for your comment! I’m disappointed to note this now… Even though there’s still room for improvement here and there.

With the release of Cubase 12, Cubase 11 received no further updates. I don’t see why this time should be any different. Steinberg is not an exception with this approach, many companies do it this way. (That’s not an excuse, just a fact.)

I’m sorry to read it, and it’s a bit frustrating to have to accept this.

I understand your frustration. However, since the code is constantly evolving (the entire look of the GUI has changed in Cubase 13), this would mean maintaining two separate programs. This would only be possible if updates for (in this case) Cubase 12 were to cost money from now on. If that were the case, you might as well invest your money in Cubase 13. (Apart from those cases where an update to CB13 is out of the question.)

However, I can understand if you feel a little uneasy about this. Especially if it’s only about bug fixes. (So explicitly not about new features.)

I understand all this, but you expect the product that you spent money on to work properly.
The truth is that I was happy when I saw Cubase 13. I watched quite a few videos about the new features and I was very dissatisfied. I had the feeling that this is a 12.5 version under 13 name.
The only new function that is really interesting and would be useful to me is the Channel Tab.