Cubase 12 upgrade - Avid Artist Transport no longer working

I have Avid Artist Mix and Artist Transport with latest Eucontrol (2021.10.1.29/EUCON version After upgrading from Cubase Pro 11 to Cubase Pro 12 the Artist Mix is not working correctly - it’s displaying/updating the timecode fine but none of the function buttons/jog wheels do anything. It all still works fine in Cubase Pro 11.
Would be very grateful for any advice/guidance/assistance.

If on a pc navigate to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Euphonix\UserSets\MC2User\MC_USER_SET__Root and copy the cubase11.xml file to Cubser12.xml

Many thanks for the suggestion cpechet . I’m on Windows 11 and found cubase11.xml in AppData\Roaming\Euphonix\DYN_APPSETS
I copied it to cubase12.xml and this helped as the buttons now work but the Shuttle and Jog wheels still don’t work.

Hm… isn’t the fact that we have to copy a cubase11.xml file to cubser12.xml a clear proof, that Steinberg failed to deliver an appropriate version of the eucon adapter? If so ---- a shame.

I agree, it should have been a simple upgrade and I’m just lucky that cpechet knew the answer. Everything is now working for me.