Cubase 12 upgrade from 11 problem

I purchased an update,gotthe codes and started to download. Duringtheprocess I needed to up grade the e-licenser. Thus far all good. During the activation I ended up with an elicense showing Cubase 12. I thought that the other licenses should be showing to so I interrupted the process to show the rest of the e-licenses.They soon appeared but now no Cubase 12. And Cubase 11 is now reading not upgradeable. I run Cubase 12 but it says it can’t find a valid elicense. When I try to activate the e-license it says that Cubase 11 was activated (with today’s date) So I seem to have lost the Cubase 12 license and instead Cubase 11 has been activated (again) . I think there is a fault in their software that didn’t anticipate someone doing what I did. Now I have paid for an update have have the activation codes but can’t apply them for Cubase 12 even thought the code says upgrade from Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12 Pro. Any ideas what is going on here?

Enter your cubase 12 access code into the download manager and follow the prompts.

I am finally running Cubase 12 but I think it is in demo mode. Still no sign of a Cubase 12 e_license but I have since noticed Steinberg are saying they are having server overload issues. So I will wait a few days until they sort it out.

Yes did that many times . I get the activation code but it assigns it to my old Cubase 11. No sign of an e-license for vse 12. I think now their server is having issues handling all the updates so I will patiently wait and try again in a day or so. At least 12 is now running. Thanks for responding Wickam_Sky.

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I don’t think 12 will show up as E-license 'cos 12 don’t use the old dongle system. But I’m not 100% shure.

Rogern is correct. It will not show up on the e-licenser. That is the system they are moving away from. You will now see your activations on the activation manager. From the activation manager is where you can deactivate as well.

Thanks guys for the help, Fabian in Support got straight back to me as I had a very important recording date looming upon me. Cubase 12 is running fine now and the e-license is now indeed appearing in the activation manager. All is good. I understand their server was on overload and it needed me to wait and try again today. Love how the team got straight back to me too. I have been using Steinberg software since the 1980s.Back then it was an Atari 1040St computer.

And how liberating being able to run Cubase with out worrying about losing your USB E-Licenser dongle!