Cubase 12 upgrade issues

I finally did the maintenance on the eLicenser, my Cubase 11 license is “Grace Period Eligible”

I don’t know how to do next, I started the Steinberg Activation Manager, and it tells me that it hasn’t found any license, verifying the grace period gives me an error

What can I do?

I have been experiencing exactly the same. I created a helpdesk ticket. I guess we are not the only ones sharing this issue. Will keep you posted when this is fixed (hope it will be soon)

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hey guy, I found out how to get the licence for release 12. In the activation manager, Before running the grace period checking just select the non-activated licences :

Let the process going (a few minutes are necessary).
Then you ll get a screen where you just need to push the ‘update’ button and you ll receive an email with the activation code and the process to follow.
Sorry every screen copies are in french but i guess you got it :wink: ring me if not
Hope this helps !

I’m in the same position as Dario. I tried what you recommended but it says the same thing. Don’t understand what i,m doing wrong.

mmm so the server might be overloaded and cannot respond to all requests. Would advise to have several tries. Maybe you ll get a chance to connect to the server at a certain moment.

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I tried all day for maybe 30-40 times. I,ll keep trying but I’m hopless right now. So to be clear of my situation, I have cubase 11 pro installed and it works fine, i have also cubase 12 installed but only the aplication (i don’t think that it makes a difference), after the maintenance eLIicencer says that cubase it elegible and the next step is to go to activation manager and make the check grace period but i get only errors. One more problem is that activation manager does’t read my licence “no licence found” says so hope that it’s a problem from steinberg and not from my pc.


Same issue, instantly gives me an error, I don’t know what to do

One more thing. When should i recive an email of the activation code? When the activation manager finds an licence or it hade to be when i made the maintenance thing? Becouse i did’t recive any email or something like that.

when the grace period checking is successful you get a new screen where you can request an update of the current licence (11 grace period eligible to 12). When you clic the update button this sends an email.

I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve been having. Nearly all the issues you’re seeing stem from the fact that our eLicenser servers are very busy and sometimes time out under heavy load.