Cubase 12 Upgrade Yes or No

How many people here approve Cubase 12 ? Vote yes or no . :v:t2:

I’m still using 11 Pro for serious work. I’ve installed 12 Pro and haven’t had any problems with it, but again it’s mostly been for experimentation/testing. There are still some issues with specific plugins/tools, and I hear there are some issues with different language versions other than English, but this kind of stuff is normal for any brand new DAW release.

Upgrade if you need the new features in 12.

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Lol :sweat_smile: this was funny but @th-f lets give them a chance , there is still hope . They can get it right i know they can . Mean while looks like i am not upgrading just yet. :v:t2:

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@Ultimate_Outsider thank you for sharing :v:t2:

same, just observing at the moment…

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Just observing right now. Cubase 11 Pro.

“observing” what, exactly? :thinking:

You do realize there is a trial version available allowing you to observe everything you can possibly observe, correct?

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Thanks. I was “observing” this thread. just to see what everyone was saying. Yes, I’m aware of the trial. I will probably make the leap soon.

Just a thanks for Ultimate Plug In Tool and the Youtube explaining why NI Battery 3 is better than Battery 4.

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