Cubase 12 "Verification Pending Expired"

Hi everyone, I would appreciate some help with this:

I have upgraded from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12 but I wasn’t able to complete the verification and I was advised to wait.

Recently when I tried to run Cubase 12, after “checking licenses” I got the message that my License has expired.

When I try to add my software again from mysteinberg account I only see the Cubase Elements 12 Grace Period in products.

When I try to add it to the e-licenser I see this:
“Cubase elements 11 (upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing)”
and then:

Do I need a new Activation Code to be sent to me? I have purchased Cubase 11 through the site directly and hadn’t used a USB at all.

I would appreciate any help on this as I currently cannot use Cubase.

Open a support ticket. You have already completed the eLicenser part of the process, but this has not been reflected in the Steinberg Licensing database.

There is no self-help possible from this scenario, sadly.

It redirects me to a vendor here in Greece, I doubt they can be of help. Is there a way to contact someone here from the forums in order to resolve this?


honestly one of the most annoying things in the Steinberg sphere. The circular loop of online help that gets you going round in circles without ever reaching a support form to submit to actual Support.

I have similar problem now. I was using Cubase AI 9.5 and I updated to Cubase 12 elements . But. now, ı receiving a warning “verification pending” and when ı applied the instructions, my available licence is not accepting by “licenser control center” .

did you solve the “verification pending Expired” issue?
if yes, can you tell me how?