Cubase 12 Verification Pending


A couple of questions.

1. I updated my C11 Pro to C12 Pro. Got the code, downloaded and installed. All good. On first start up I was asked to log on to my account and I was good to go. Yet on the Steinberg website it still says that my licence is still waiting for verification.
Cubase 12 verification
How do i verify my licence? Or will it just verify itself when the load on the servers will get lower?

2. Verification expires on 4th of January 2022???
Or is it one of those “american” nonsense date thingies?

You read it backwards! :rofl: April Fools’ Day is the exp. (parse that daddio)

The other things you guessed correctly.

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Here’s the guide to resolve the situation if your license says “pending verification”

Of course, you may have already experienced it, but our eLicenser servers are quite busy at the moment, so you may find the process slower than usual.

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when I try to do this, I get the following error message:

I have the latest eLicenser Control Center.

OK, UPDATE (If somebody else has this problem):
I had the eLicenser Control Center set to start “As Administrator” and that does not seem to work, when the Download Assistant is NOT started “As Administrator”.
After starting the Download Assistant “As Administrator” it worked out.


Glad to hear it’s working now!

Hi Ben, I’m replying here since the thread is directly related to my issue. I have followed the guide you provided and my license still shows Verification pending (expires 2022-04-01). I had emailed Steinberg (Canada) about this but I’m not super happy with the replies. Yes I get that the servers were overloaded days ago, but I’ve been able to perform all maintenance tasks on my elicenser with OK on all 6 steps since then, yet I still have the pending status in the Activation Manager, so I don’t think its a server overload issue anymore…is it? I’m being told “stop trying to activate your license” and it’s starting to irk me. I want to know that it’s activated and verified.

I would appreciate your help so that I don’t wake up to an expired license on 2022-04-01, in the midst of a project.

Can you please assist?

still not working overhere, license still pending.
made a ticket 3 days ago…nothing, no answer, no help…no support for my upgrade of €259,-
Seriously thinking to ask Paypal to get my money back since my license will expire in 26 days and I can´t use the purchased software…
never had any of such a bad experience with a company…

If you are still having issues with updating to Cubase 12, please let us know here: Updating to Cubase 12 – STATUS UPDATE – Monday, March 7th - #2