Cubase 12 vst2 and 3rd party vst

I am using Cubase 11 on windows 10, activated about a month ago.
If I upgrade to v.12 will I have to reinstall all my 3rd party vst plugins and instruments?
Also will my vst2 plugins work?

Thank you

You don’t need to reinstall third party plug-ins when installing Cubase 12. And yes Cubase 12 still supports VST2 the same as Cubase 11 did on Windows with an Intel or AMD processor.


Thank you sir, I appreciate your quick reply

Ok, but allow me to follow that question up with this. I have been away from Cubase for years as i really didn´t enjoy Cubase 7. So i came back around when i was sent a code to use to upgrade from 7 to 12. But anyhow question is, what versions of Cubase 12 does support 3rd party vsts like Vital, sylenth1 etc? Is it only artist and pro. Or do they all support it? I ask cause i have been using Ableton 10 for some time now

Any Cubase version supports VST3. Cubase 12 on Mac Silicon doesn’t support VST2 anymore.
Generally, VST2 is being obsoleted by Steinberg in the next two years, but atm it still works on all Windows and Mac computers with an Intel/ADM processor