Cubase 12 Waves Plugin v10 v11 graphic error

I encountered this error today with all my v10 v11 waves plugins. The plugins all still work fine but the graphic is small and in the bottom left. All the plugin dials and faders work in the correct positions - you just have to guess where it is on the black background.
But it does make it pretty unusable.
Hopefully it’ll be fixed in next update as so I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for the waves update plan… as all plugins still work. Just the graphic is dodgy!
This is on a 2014 Macbook Pro.

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Yes Steinberg i also have this problem… pretty annoying.

Same here, also c12 keeps crashing 2 min after opening a waves v12 plugin.

Same problem! imac 2019 here.

I was hoping this issue would be fixed with 12.10 maintenance update but it is still an issue… please put it in the next update Steinberg… I don’t want to spend $240 on plugins that work fine but have a new graphic error!
Its crazy that you can’t resize plugins in Cubase 12 anyway thinking about it… I would think the DAW would have an option for it