Cubase 12 - why is the Inspector channel list box so small (see screenshot)?

This is an annoying thing already in ealier versions of Cubase and I wonder why this still is in Cubase 12 in 2022?? There is plenty of space available but the box is made for a 640x480 pixel screen.


You’re absolutely right. The interest of a Folder track is to insert other types of track, other Folders according to the needs of each one. The value of the Inspector window for this type of track is to give us an overview of its contents. It is extremely boring to have to scroll through this window in order to see all the tracks. The content should display in all of the available space and the scroll bar should appear only when necessary.

There are still reminiscences of the past in this sophisticated software. Maybe in 2030 Cubase will be completely free of its pre-historic artifacts…

That said, it remains an extraordinary piece of software.