Cubase 12 Windows 10 will VST2 work?

Steinberg, I want to ask you, will VST2 work on Windows 10? I have Cubase 11 working with VST2 in Windows 10, and I think in Cubase 12 this is also not a problem, as I understand it all depends only on Steinberg, whether they want to do it, or did they ?. I think this is very important for many Cubase 11 users, and for me. If VST2 is supported in Windows 10 (Cubase 12), then I think everyone will immediately update without problems to the new version. Why am I writing this? I want to abandon the USB key, but I will need to open old projects for some time, so I need VST2 in Cubase 12 (Windows 10). I think many will support me, since VST2 is very important for us, and relevant, in the next year, or maybe two, until all manufacturers update our purchased plugins to VST3! Steinberg, I think you will hear us and come to meet us, at least in Cubase 12 (Windows 10) if it is, we would be very grateful to you, and from Cubase 13 it will be possible to switch to VST3!

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