Cubase 12 with Olympus Choir Elements

Cubase 12 pro works great without the dongle, but I still need the dongle with Olympus Choir Elements. I thought the whole idea was to be dongle free??

What have I missed?

Olympus Choir is not part of Cubase 12 package, it’s a separate instrument.
These older instruments need their own updates to work with the new licensing.

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Thanks for letting me know. I will get in touch to see if they can make it dongle free or not !

I second the TO’s question. I found some updates in the SDA (Simon Phillips Pop and Jazz, Nashville, and these three are also not part of Cubase 12) but none for Olympus Elements and HSO and Bouncy Vibrations. So there’s updates for new licensing at least for some libraries. The question is:
Where can one find out if there’s updates for their own libraries, and how to get them if the SDA doesn’t offer them although the products are on the own dongle?

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This the reply I got from the Soundiron team as regards Olympus Choir Elements

“Hi Johnny,
Thanks for reaching out. That is a halion instrument, so that is entirely up to Steinberg whether they choose to go dongle free or not on those virtual instruments. I assume they will head that direction over time.”

Over to Steinberg?

I just opened a ticket at SB about this (#461591). Let’s hope they can tell for which libraries updates are available, and how to get them if not available in SDA under ‘updates’. In theory, any library that runs with HSSE or GASE must have an update, otherwise people without dongle won’t be able to use any of them if they buy.

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We hope to transition each product line to Steinberg Licensing over the coming 12-18 months at their next convenient release. For older products with no planned updates, we’re looking at the options to decouple them from the dongle.

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Thanks for letting us know