Cubase 12 with Yamaha PSR-SX900

Since both are Yamaha products, I expected these 2 to integrate very well and easy.

I want to use PSR-SX900 as standalone sound generator. And use separate midi keyboard as a controller.
Is there VSTi editor for PSR-SX900 ?
Or patch scripts for cubase so I can select patches for sx900 in cubase ?


Cubase is not Yamaha product, it’s Steinberg.

Regarding the patch, you would need multiple patches for all the libraries you can load to the instruments. And of course you can create your own instruments too.

If you want Cubase to recognize your keyboard sounds
look at this link on a forum conversation

Recording MIDI with the sound of my keyboard

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Of course the patchname of your keyboard does not exist originally in the Cubase files
unless someone has already created it and wants to share it
but just take an existing one close to yours for example the PSR-S970
You will find these files in:
Disk C/User/Name/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 12_64/Scripts/Patchnames/inactive and for you Yamaha
because they are not activated in Cubase
You will then need to open this txt file
and modify it according to the banks to modify and rename it.
This is what I did at the time for my old Clavinova CVP303
and I used I think the PSR-9000

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That’s really unfortunate. Both products are part of joint companies and these 2 products can’t even integrate well

Steinberg and Cubase are partner companies tho. Steinberg is owned by Yamaha.