Cubase 12 won't add more Rack Instruments

I’m working on a template with lots of rack instruments (66 so far). Not sure if that number has any significance or if Cubase 12 is trying to tell me something, but it would no longer add them.
Using Rack → Instrument shown above, Cubase is simply ignoring the command. I can still add Track Instruments and everything else is working without any issue.
Has anyone come across this Rack Instrument limit before? Many thanks!

Thank you for this, I had no idea there was a limit on the number of instances.

Me neither. But I only very rarely use Rack Instruments. Instrument Tracks however seem only limited by your computer’s capacity.

And keep in mind you can route from the MIDI Track to both a Rack Instrument and an Instrument Track. So you could create additional Instrument Tracks that you basically use as if they were Rack Instruments.

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