Cubase 12 wont load, stuck on loading licenses

I was having trouble with cubase 11. I would have to remove my E licenser, restart me computer and then plug in my E license if i wanted cubase to load. Otherwise it would get stuck as a background process.

I thought 12 would fix these issues but now it just gets stuck on loading licenses.
What do i need to do to fix this? Cubase has become almost completely unusable for me.

Im running cubase 12 on a Windows 10 desktop. Prior to cubase 12 I had uninstalled and then installed cubase 11 fresh. Same problem.

Any ideas??

Are you trying to run Cubase 11 or 12? Cubase 11 still needs the elicenser (and always will). Do you have another licenses in the elicenser? Maybe some Steinberg plugins and programs, VSL or any other?

Your license for Cubase 12 is active?

I would use whichever one runs haha. But I am currently focusing on getting Cubase 12 running. Yes I have other licenses associated with my E Licenscer.

I was hoping that since Cubase 12 uses online activation, the weird elicense issues would disappear.

Cubase 12 License is activated.