Cubase 12 won't shut down properly and hangs

I’m seeing posts from 2018 with the same issue.
I see a ‘not responding’ message on the processes page. All the time.
I’ve had this issue since Cubase 10.

Why can’t the devs fix this?

I’m also on the latest version of Cubase 12 Pro.

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Have you already contacted support?
Cubase is only a program … The problem could come from the OS, graphics driver, BIOS settings … I don’t blame the Developers easily, as Cubase is running fine on probably thousands of computers.

in my experience, plugins are the number one source for those issues

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Every time cubase hangs on closing, at least for me, is all about a plugin that didnt close correctly!

You do realize that devs can implement a forceful shutdown, right? There are mods for games that do this all the time.

yeah… but there are projects that have hundreds of plugins and going through every each one of them to troubleshoot is extremely tedious.
why not add a feature (that you can turn on or off) letting the user forcefully shutdown cubase instantly?
that shouldn’t be difficult at all to do.

Same here, it’s hanging every time. Then I have to agree to use the same configuration each time I start Cubase up again.

Maybe useful information - this is after I successfully close my project, and click to close Cubase, so maybe it’s not a project plugin, maybe it’s one of the plugins on my monitor buss…

I get this happen reasonably often but don’t get a crash dump. The worst thing is the next time you start, it takes ages rescanning licenses, which fail, so need to be skipped - you can then close / restart and all is fine again.
On occasion, however, it will then restart with error “not licensed” or some such, then close. Only fix is to reboot PC. Seriously getting fed up with their over-obsessive handling of copy protection. They won the crack wars long ago, it’s time they started giving paying customers a bit of a break with it all.

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I get this often. In my case it is Kontakt instruments that are unloading, very very slowly on shutdown.

In task manager, PC, I can see the memory unload and it takes sometimes about 1 minute. Once memory is back to normal Cubase closes.

In the mean time Cubase appear to be “hung”.

Since 10.0.52 i havent had many of this, did you update? Please do ti and try a few more days.
I might be wrong and just lucky on every session closing…

10.0.52? I think you mean 12.0.52?
But yes, I’ve updated already and it’s still giving me trouble shutting down.
I really hope they implement a force-shutdown function so it doesn’t hang forever.

I really hope they just fix it :slight_smile:

true 12.0.52…im fortunate then!
Every system is a whole thing, that´s why is hard to catch up bugs and errors!

Just wanted to add my voice. I have this problem as well and it is very annoying.

Disable the Steinberg Hub. Seriously. Sounds stupid, but fixed it for me.

Thanks a bunch. I disabled it and now several days have passed and no problems. I think you solved it for me. Thanks.

Sorry, i’m new on Cubase, and have also this problem. What is the Steinberg hub ?

The hub is the screen (if you have it enabled) that comes up when you first load Cubase. On the right side it lists all your recent projects and on the left side it list messages such as new version available, etc. You disable it by going into Preferences, General, and unchecking Use Hub.