Cubase 12 works slowly and freezes occasionally

Hi there!
Maybe someone in the subject and advise which area to look and what to check (fix). In general, recently appeared the following:
1 issue - in the Edit tab in Cubase 12, selecting and clicking on the Key Commands, the window with the commands itself appears only after a minute or even more. Before that time, the cubase freezes at all, not allowing you to do anything in it.
2 issue - after loading and opening the project window with all the tracks, the cubase freezes from half a minute to a minute. (Depends on the number of treatments on the channel - the more of them, the longer freezes).
By the way, at the same time in the system is installed cubase 11, there projects after loading freezes for only 10 seconds and the Key Commands window opens 5 seconds after pressing it. That is, everything is much faster than in cubase 12. But before version 12 worked quite fast.

Very very similar is happening to me

I suspect it happens when some third party plugin [or something from Steinberg itself] start to receive advice for an update. Unfortunately after some tests I can’t prove that, but the lags and freezings disappear sometimes. I noticed mostly after I have updated something, but it’s not a fixed loop, so I can’t tell it’s this issue 100%

Anyhow, try to check for plugins looking for updates

Not a big help, sorry. But I understand you.

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I’m experiencing very similar things and I think is with waves plugins.
I was working with a blank session with groove agent and one waves plugin (Vitamin) and it crash/freeze 4 times.
I start A blank project again with only groove agent and all good no problems at all. :frowning:
Need more time to be 100%

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Thanks, and please update here if you kindly can

I also thought “it was due to XXXX plugins…” several times :slight_smile: but always ended up with nothing sure. I can only say that in Cubase 11 [which I keep installed] doesn’t happen.

XXXX=Waves [I have a dozen plugs, not many], Arturia, XLN, UAD

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Working all morning with no problems at all, 12.0.60
I havent try waves plugins again and I’m not planing on doing.
Time to move away from waves,
good luck .


Thanks guys for your advices and comments! After some tests, I came to the conclusion that the problem lies in the plugins from Universal audio, specifically in their native version - UADx.
By the way, each new UADx plugin in the Inserts is loaded rather long (its very first copy). Then each subsequent copy of the same plugin opens almost instantly. And so with any other UADx plugin. The first instance takes a long time to load, all subsequent ones are faster. As a result, all projects with UADx plugins on board after downloading hangs for a long time (until it seems to be loaded in some background process). I wonder if this can be solved somehow?
By the way, this problem does not exist with the usual (non-native) plugins from UAD.
And yes, the first issue with the long loading Key Commands window is still not clear at all…

I have to say that I remember this lag opening the key command window since years, maybe in Cubase 8 as well. But I don’t notice it needs more in C12, same as 11, not as fast as Preference window but it’s decent. I’d say 1.5 seconds

About the “criminal plugins”, as I wrote before, you will not find the “murderer” if it goes like me. I started with Waves, then Arturia, the UAD [both Spark and Satellite]…

But at the end everything gets solved magically but appear again randomly after a week [or more… Or less]

Check if some plugin need update

EDIT: forgot to talk more about UAD native plugs

Well, they need more time than satellites for me as well, when loaded in an empty insert. But when I open a project where they are already inserted I can play the track as soon as the project is ready. If I don’t open their GUI they go on working, but when I open one of them to tweak the parameters they need a couple of seconds, but that’s a lag due to the GUI, the plugins are working normally.