Cubase 12 worse performance than C11

By the way, my personal tests was done on Windows 10 Pro 21H2.
Those of you that have issues, what version of Windows are you running?
Microsoft has made some changes to the CPU scheduling between versions.

Also: I am not using Steinberg’s Power Plan profile, I’m using “1usmus” Ryzen Power Plan (google it).

Have you seen this post on the other thread?:

Turning on Steinberg Power Scheme solved the performance issue for some users.
The setting doesn’t get transferred when installing a new major version of Cubase with new prefs.
Hope this helps!

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I also experience some speed problems here: exporting a VST piano track with only one instance of Pianoteq 7 takes about 1,5 times longer in C12.
Why is that? Same output format (standard 128 kpbs mp3).
Kind of anoying since I do this dozens of time per week.

Boy - I’m staying away from this one till the next release. Sorry to see so many colleagues having such a poop time. Best wishes from Perth Western Australia!


Well, hmmmm…that was easy. Turned on Steinberg Power Scheme and all my problems vanished in the wind (as long as I don’t listen to the news).
Steinberg Support said to check the version of my audio interface (RME Multiface II) and to disable all plugins except for Steinberg’s.
Cubase ain’t Logic, or something like that. The advice made NO logical sense. .Thanks very much for the help, Chriss.


I am feeling strangely guilty saying this, “I am not having any issues upgrading to 12”. Everything is working as it should, with any project recorded in 11 performing as it should in 12. So what am I doing wrong?

Yeah, you should be!
Good on ya!

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C12 hangs - on opening, on changing ASIO driver, on closing. It takes 2 minutes for Halion SE to open. C11 is fast. C12 takes forever to interface with Windows (10) like when importing an audio track. C11 hung every so often because my USB ports lost sight of the eLicenser. No other hangs though. C12 has hung 20 times a day since I’ve had it. A bit annoying that I’m going to have to set aside a day (or more) to troubleshoot by removing all 3rd party plugins and adding them one at a time, and trying to figure out what is going on… Why the F am I having to waste my time doing software testing? I’m getting frequent hangs and when I restart it says C12 crashed on Freeze.
Why so different from C11?


Couldn’t agree more. My C11 is rock stable and solid - no single crash. C12 is very buggy and crashes a lot. I don’t get it - what did they mess up??


Did you try turning on Steinberg Power Scheme? Cleared up everything for me. It was a mess before that.

Watching the video, it’s true C11 is playing smoother, but you are this close to pegging the CPU in C11 too. Not sure how many plug-ins you’ve got on the (lovely) vocal, but I would guess one of them is a CPU hog. If you can find it, see if C12 plays OK with it bypassed.

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I’ve run into the the same issues as you on my MacBook. very poor performance. I can’t seem to figure out why! C11 runs great. No issues, no lag.


Thanks very much for your post. I know it looks borderline; but the thing is with C11 that it doesn’t redline. It never stops. And I bounced the lead vocal just to see and really, it made not a lot of difference. I know what sends C12 into overdrive - my master plug-ins, even though most are UAD. Now; there is a “Program” performance meter in UAD, as well as a hardware meter. I’m wondering if the UAD software is actually using more CPU than it’s showing - and they are DLL’s, which are on the way out. And this poses another issue - bouncing sucks. It doesn’t sound the same - not on a lead vocal anyway. I tried so much stuff - rendering drums; getting rid of Groups - I didn’t just run it and go - oh well - not for me. I gave it a week of mucking around. There’s something installed by C12 that also affects C11. Because I had to wipe my drive and go back to C11 fresh. What is needed in Cubase is a more detailed performance meter. That would help.

Same here though a good idea thanks.

Unfortunately not. Thanks anyway. The problem is that this is all so time consuming. I’d have to spend a lot of time - fresh install; remove all the other installs of my subscription software - I wish I had this time but I don’t.

Yes, shouldn’t be that way. Too bad. Guess I lucked out. Never did get a solution from Steinberg tech support. Chris on the forum had the answer.

No chance to listen listen listen, as your page gives an “Access Denied” to german users.

Let me check with my website manager. Sorry.

Same here lags everywhere (scan of VST3, duplicate track, media tab clic on the first time … etc …)

I just wanted to chime in,
had the same problem on Windows 11, turning on Steinberg power plan kinda “fixed” it.
But just fixed it in the way that now I play stuff and doesn’t stutter but it’s still very cumbersome.

I was programming a pedalboard today, and a streamdeck the other day, for some reasons it seems to hang up every now and then. I press 10 buttons on a pedalboard to test them, 9 times they go well and the 10th input is read after couple seconds (the numbers are just arbitrary, it’s not that precise).
On the streamdeck I was testing keyboard shortcuts and was the same, every now and then the key wasn’t registering or was happening later.

None of this ever happened on C11, I run a i9 9900K with 32GB of fast ram, with a RTX 2080Super.
I’m just disappointed that the previous Cubase worked super fine, so it’s definitely possible to have a DAW run well :confused:

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