Cubase 12

Just read the announcement about a £99 upgrade from 11 to 12.
I only upgraded to 11 this April and that was £136, surely a discount would be in order?

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Why? Just buy it later, it will feel cheaper.


Is that a serious reply from a moderator Steve?


Yes, because I think the price is reasonable. Cubase 12 won’t come out for a while, so if you already own C11, there’s no advantage to buying early. Who knows, maybe by waiting you’ll be able to take advantage of a sale.


You can’t complain when you bought it back in April. That’s a long time ago. That’s how it goes. Last year for the first time I hung on and got the summer discount to upgrade to 11. Before that I paid full every year for every upgrade.

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mkok, I can complain, I’m a pro musician who has lost a lot of money over the last couple of years due to Covid. I have no problem with you putting your point of view on it so please allow me to have mine which includes me being annoyed by the initial crass response of Steve the moderator.


My response wasn’t crass, but you should think what you like. My frank opinion is that it’s such an expression of entitlement – eight months after buying a product complaining about the price of an update product that still won’t be released for months.


You paid for a product and got a product. Where else can you complain that a newer model has come out and you can’t t have it for nothing. I think the admin reply gave you the right answer. I understand when someone misses the grace period by a few days and are frustrated but we are talking 7 months. I upgraded to v11 later than you and knew exactly what I was doing and what it meant. I will have to pay the upgrade price for v12 and would have had to for v11.5 if that had come first. If you have lost money maybe you should think a bit more carefully about your purchases and do a little research first.

Sorry for being blunt but that is how it is and has been for years.


I think you are the entitled one Steve, maybe “Moderator” has gone to your head.

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lol thats why you buy the upgrade and hold off the actual ACTIVATION, thats what counts. lol

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Good grief, how entitled. That’s pathetic.

Goof one

I have a similar question as I am ineligible for the Grace period by only a few days.

I actually think Steve has a valid argument. You just need to find an upgrade rhythm that suits you best. There are many reasons to upgrade later or right away. If price is an important component, then waiting is a good option. If stability is an important component, waiting is a good option. If you love new features or can’t live without one, upgrading right away will of course be a priority.

I would like to share my reasons for deferring upgrades (not updates) for at least six months:

1.) Cubase / Nuendo / Wavelab usually still have some bugs and stability issues when they are initially released (unfortunately, devs can’t foresee or catch all of them at release time, that is true for almost every software app out there. Also, Steinberg needs to maintain compatibility with various Windows / OS versions & also maintain Cubase backward compatibility).
2.) When you upgrade later, most issues will also be well documented in the forums, so finding upgrade related answers (eg. when you are stuck) are easier to come by.
3.) Price: Steinberg will usually try to sweep up customers that haven’t upgraded yet (by offering 40 or 50% discounts half a year or longer after the initial release).
4.) New features are great! But if we are honest, the DAW is already an incredible work horse. My main concern is stability and performance. I am not so much focused on new features (although exciting). If a new upgrade is known to bring stability & performance improvements (like was the case with the latest WaveLab 11 upgrade) I may update earlier than usual (especially if it enhances my productivity and output).

No matter how you establish your upgrade rhythm, you still get new features a year after you upgrade. If you establish a deferred upgrade pattern, you will have the added benefit of a lower price tag and less hassle with stability issues.

Wish you all a successful and inspiring New Year 2022, filled with awesome music and sounds!



A stable and sensible post! Thank you! :slight_smile:
Happy New Year to you too!

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Agreed great post and the way I work.

Another note. There will always be a cut off date for the grace period and it will always get complaints from people no matter where it is set.


Steve, your answer was crass. It made me lower my opinion of Steinberg significantly.

Every year at a round the 2nd week of November, Cubase puts out a release that it charges for.
3 months later all software support for previous version stops.

This year instead of going for a .5 version, you have delayed the release by a few months, gone for a bigger number, cos numbers means value, and charging about twice the normal software-as-a-service fee. I will, for balance, mention that the 9.5 to 10 was a lot more expensive and had a double sting of bringing much instability to many people. So its not an unprecedented price hike.

But when one of your customers, who has given you a big chunk of change recently, tells you they feel you are fleecing them you basically tell them to go cry in their pillow. Then say they where entitled.
The only entitlement I see here is your expectation that our pockets are for constantly plunging your hand into. I expect that kind of response from all the people who will respond to this as I have hurt their ego and cubase is my friend… boo hoo…

spottydog - I hope you don’t take the negativity at your polite post to heart. I hate entitlement and saw none.
With out knowing the new features, except new licensing model, I don’t know if this is going to be worth it. I know the last expensive update was not. I am not commenting here on anything to do with the price itself, just that Steve I feel owes spottydog an apology and should leave passive aggressive comments to people not paid to be here. There’s enough of them.

Below is the data I based by statements on. Prices from my receipts.
|v9 |released: 7 Dec 2016 for $650|last updated: 22 Feb 2018|
|v9.5|released: 15 Nov 2017 update costs $59|last updated: 27 Feb 2019|
|v10 |released: 10 Nov 2018 update costs $150|last updated: 26 Mar 2020|
|v10.5 |released: 13 Nov 2019 update costs $68|last updated: 11 Mar 2021|
|v11 |released: 11 Nov 2020 update costs $68|Current version

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LOL at even more entitlement. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. Bought 8 months ago. It was a fair enough comment.
By the way steinberg don’t say they will release an update every November. It’s just an assumption from the past. Always a risk assuming they will.

By the way if you want real sarcastic comments from admin go to the RME forum.

Professionals and hobbyists who like to use professional tools pay for them, and software developers earn a living making them, and I’ve observed the cost of audio recording tools get lower and lower over the past few decades.