Cubase 12pro contrantly freezing and crashng

can someone tell me how to get a dump file so we can see what the issue is? its a problem that wont go away


I assume that you’re using Windows. The crash dumps are located here:


Please post them here.

Thanks, there are 780 dmp files (197 for cubase 12), shall I upload all of the cubase 12 dmp files or just the ones from today ?

Just the ones from this month.

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O’ Romantique TP,
please fix mans CB,

Hi, did you manage to check the dmp files?

I would recommend contacting Steinberg/Yamaha Support and attaching these crash dumps for further analysis. They don’t seem to point to a specific problematic plug-in.

It helps if you can tell them what you were doing at the moment of the crash. I would also recommend using another file host such as Google Drive, since WeTransfer deletes the files after 7 days.

I’m finding this too. Cubase Pro 12 will just freeze, audio will keep sounding, and the only way to close it (on Windows) is to ‘end task’ – which is effectively a crash.