Cubase 12Pro Managing VST'S

Two questions (see atttachment)

  1. Having defined multiple virtual instruments I then closed several of them. The result is the list in the attachment. Id like to just delete the slots marked “No VST Instrument”. It seems to not be possible. Also, the slots cannot be dragged to reorganize the list. Very messy. Am I missing something?
  2. A lot of my VIs are hosteds in Kontakt.Now I want to to rename the slots to the name of the Virtual instrument rather than just “Kontakt”. I know this is possible because (as you can see) I have done it, but I cannot remember how I did it. Refresh my memory please?


Add you are using Track Instruments, do all the management (deleting, renaming) on the tracks, not in the VSTi window, please.

What Martin wants to say: there is nothing in the rack that cannot be done on the track list and Inspector. Therefore the rack can be ignored and closed.


If you use the Track Instruments (i.e. Instrument Track) and you set "Not VST InstrumentL in the VSTi Rack, you just remove the instrument, but the track remains. But if you remove the Instrument Track instead, the Instrument Slot disappears too.

You can double-click the instrument name in the VSTi Rack and type your own name of the given slot. Or you can rename the Instrument Track and the instrument slot name will follow.

Thanks. I’m kind of a Cubase primitive despite using it since C4.