Cubase 13.0.10 massive audio glitches when any other app is working

Hi everyone. Upgraded earlier this week but had to roll back to 12.

All things being equal 13 gives me huge glitches every time I even touch another app. Just loading Chrome causes 5 seconds of horrible noise.

Just loaded exactly the same session in 12 and it works fine and audio is pristine.

What am I missing here?!

Cheers, Joe


Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version, please?

Can you see any disk activity in the background from other application?

Hi Martin,

  • Windows
  • No disc activity other than my Backblaze back up and Chrome

NB Cubase 12.0.7 runs absolutely smoothly with all else being equal.


How does the Task Manager look like?

I’ll get back to you shortly once I’ve exported the project I’m working on right now