Cubase 13.0.20 Mac silicon not recognizing some VST3 plugins

Hi- I’m having an issue with Cubase 13.0.20 Mac silicon not recognizing some VST3 plugins even though they are the same company and the latest updates/versions and Silicon ready.

Specifically, Sonnox Oxford Limiter vst3 loads fine but Inflator is not recognized even though is listed in the VST Effects in the Plugin Manager?

It also shows it as Blacklisted even though it’s the VST3 latest version for Silicon?
Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 6.10.12 PM

I can open them all in Rosetta but would like to use Silicon if possible. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so, is there an answer?

Thanks in advance for any input.


As I can see, the commant says: Unsupported Architexture. That means, these plug-ins are not Apple Silicon rady. Therefore you have to start Cubase in the Rosetta mode.

Thanks, Martin- I understand and they’re all upgraded. They show here correctly:

And also:

So my confusion is how can they be both- approved and blacklisted at the same time (same Sonnox installer)? And how do I rectify this?

Thanks for your guidance, I appreciate it. Bruce

Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 6.08.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 6.10.12 PM.png


Sorry, which plug-in exactly is approved and blocklistd at the same time, please?

Hi Martin- Oxford Inflator & Oxford SuprEsser specifically, however there are others. I just wanted to get back to you and say thanks for trying but pls don’t spend any more time on it. C13 is still unusable for me as this graphics issue when drawing automation still exists in the latest update

-so I’m back to C12. I’ll check C13 again after more updates. Thanks again for your help

Can confirm that I am apple silicon latest version with oxford inflator and limiter working

Those are two different Oxford Inflator plugins, and there are four different SuprEsser VSTs installed. Just because they ported some of them, doesn’t necessarily mean the whole family was ported over…

Thank you! As mine are showing up in both the VST Effects and the Blacklisted folders, I’m thinking that perhaps I should delete those in the VST3 folder and do a fresh reinstall? Also, what OS are you using?

Also, are you having any issues with drawing Group automation on the Project page? With a CC121 and C13 in Touch mode, as soon as I take my finger off the fade, I get breaks in the automation graphics. Is your working correctly?

Anyway, I appreciate your input and any other information.

Hey I’m using Sonoma. Full Oxford not UAD emulation*

Perhaps that’s the issue as I’m still on Monterey. And yes, full Oxford here as well. Thank you. Any thoughts on the automation issue?

What’s your sensitivity like in regards to automation?
Is snap on or free draw?

It’s in free draw. When I’ve set a general level of a track, I set nodes at the front and end of the song so the fader will always return to the same level no matter how I ride it throughout. This has always worked seamlessly but with 13, it stops drawing until I touch the fader again so if I want to enter a node in that space, the line that was always there is now a blank space.

I’ve never seen this before. Thanks for your help

(Attachment Attachment.tiff is missing)

Have you gone to the automation settings and checked your sensitivity?