Cubase 13.0.21 Pro demo crashed my PC

As subject says: Cubase 13 made my PC restart abruptly. No crash dump folder or files.

Windows 11 Home, Intel i7-9700K, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia 3080 graphics card

I was noodling around in Halion Sonic with a piano instrument, Cubase froze a few seconds, thereafter my PC restarted.


First of all, make sure, your HALion Sonic is up to date.

Did Cubase crash or freeze?

Hi Martin, my Halion is version 7.0.20, I installed Cubase last saturday.

Cubase froze for a few seconds, then forced my PC into restarting.

It just happened again, I had just recorded some MIDI takes with Groove Agent, and was fiddling with the metronome setup. Then Cubase and PC froze, I had to force shutdown with holding power button.

EDIT: I also have Ableton Live 11 installed. After the forced shutdown of PC from Cubase freeze, I tried to start Ableton which also crashed…


This is interesting. Did you use any plug-in in both applications? Are you sure, your Audio Device’s driver is up to date and installed properly? Are you sure, your hardware is working properly? Could you run a system test?

Only native instruments (no pun) in both programs. Focusrite Scarlett 4th gen with latest update. Please elaborate on system test, the computer is working fine otherwise.